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Recent Articles:
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You’re an American… Start Acting Like It : 12-14-08
The American Edu-macation System- An Analysis : 8-16-08
How To Make Mountains Out Of Molehills 101: Taught By (Insert Any Law School Student’s Name Here) : 4-2-08

What is a dirt squirrel?

  • (n) a mantra; a way of life; a constant state of mind and being.
  • (n) someone who disregards the worth of material possessions yet desires to lead an existence full of life experiences and relationships
  • (n) a highly self-sufficient human being
  • (n) an “old soul”

           We designed this blog to share commonalities through experiences and first-hand knowledge. We’ve discovered that some of the most powerful insights are obtained through another’s thoughts. Whether we agree, or disagree, in listening, we find out a little more about ourselves. Inherently, an experience or relationship must, in fact, be experienced. However, if through one of our experiences, we can pass on a life-lesson, that experience or relationship deserves to be shared. We hope you enjoy our words and can relate, even if just a little, to some of what we write about.

          If you’re always on the grind or trying to snag an angle on something like we are, we might be able to divulge some of our techniques. Life is far from easy, but there is always a bright side. Live well, smile big, speak from the heart and love from the soul. Again, thanks for stopping by.

        The Dirt Squirrels